Friday, July 3, 2015

Interview with The Blunt Instrument

I had a conversation with Elisa Gabbert over at Electric Literature about the reaction to her Blunt Instrument advice column where she tackled the "white male writer and equality in publishing" problem.

As I stated in the intro to our conversation, I have a horse in this race, being bi-racial, and running a school library that serves a population that is 94% people of color. Running a school library means that every year I select books and materials to purchase for pleasure reading and to support the school curriculum. I have a fair amount of power in this position considering I am given (a mere) $6.25 per student with which to purchase materials. That averages out to about $8,000 a year, and I spend every penny. Yet, every year I look for books by black, Latino, Asian American, Muslim, LGBTQ, etc. etc. etc. writers writing about these people and issues, and most books on offer are by and about white men and women. That's when it feels like white supremacy; that's what it looks like. This is not a theoretical problem, so we need concrete solutions.

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