Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Girl In a Band

The reading at the Asian American Writers Workshop was a great night--Kate Gavino is so generous to writers, and I loved her ABCs of being an Asian American Writer. I got to meet spunky writers like Larissa Pham, and I gave away copies of my zine, Tally Ho Sulky.

I was uncharacteristically late because I couldn't find my earphones and I can't bear taking a long subway ride without listening to music. When I arrived my friend Angela said, "Are you late to your own reading?" I nodded, yes, I am.

I read an essay on cassette tapes and how and why I quit my band. No gory details, but broad strokes. I ended up cutting two paragraphs toward the end because they were too personal and I had up to that point kept things fairly light--or as light as an essay on dividing your music collection during a divorce can be.

I've been playing guitar again, and teaching myself bass a bit but I am in absolutely no danger of joining a musical situation. I went to Guitar Center yesterday and played a Belle & Sebastian song, The State That I am In, on the Slash edition of some guitar. It was pretty funny. And I think I hate Fenders. They don't feel good in my hands. I'm glad I sold mine.

If you know me at all you know I have a banana obsession. I learned print making last summer and made a patch for my "Girl in a Band" Halloween costume (I was the rock memoir genre.)

Kate Gavino gave a fun talk and I especially loved this graphic about being an Asian woman and fetishes. I do love a good hot dog.

See--Bananas and hot dogs.

I still look like me.

I suggested we stand for this photo because nobody looks good sitting on the couch at AAWW. Look, we all wear glasses and I wore my librarian's best. Larissa and I talked about writing erotica (she does so, I do not). I liked the idea of choosing a pen name for that. I think the perfect pen name for any erotica I write is Barbara Pym. Librarians/Anthropologists/Sociologists/Learned Conferences-turned-orgies, a re-imagining of the Pym universe in velvet and lace. Maybe not. 

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