Sunday, June 12, 2016

Close Your Eyes

I thought about Jason Molina the other day; he was not yet 40 when he died from complications of alcoholism. I don't have much to say about that but plenty to feel about it...

Here's something of his I never heard until this weekend. A Townes Van Zandt cover, "I'll be Here in the Morning." Van Zandt was no stranger to alcohol, and though in popular myth people's genius seems to stem from the bottle or the mental illness, it's always in spite of all those things.

I made a new print the other day. I messed up the eyes so now she's blindfolded.

It's been twenty years since the release of Belle & Sebastian's Tiger Milk. For a while in the spring I'd walk into Guitar Center and play "The State I am In" on wildly inappropriate guitars like a Slash-from-Guns-N-Roses-special-edition. I love the opening lines, I was surprised/ I was happy for a day in 1975/ I was puzzled by a dream/ It stayed with me all day in 1995

I'm rarely puzzled by dreams but I am haunted by images and places I've seen. I wrote a short scene about a European cemetery I saw in Taiwan in 1999. When I looked it up I learned that it's the French Military Cemetery in Keelung. I didn't know that on their way to conquering what would one day become Vietnam, the French bombarded and attempted to take Taiwan in order to discourage China from interfering. The French lost that one, the result being 700 soldiers buried in Taiwan...and I caught a glimpse of the white walls and plaque with French writing from a car on my way somewhere else, but I never forgot the surprise I felt.

And maybe the woman in my print is saying, "Oh, love of mine/ would you condescend to help me/ 'cause I am stupid and blind"